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My aim is to work on poetic and simple narratives that are elevated through clever use of craft. I generally enjoy projects that has a sensitivity and a nerve about them which feels human and relatable. Much like Hitchcock's mantra about ordinary people in bizarre situations I like to set off the stories in reality and elevate them into a realm of heightened reality where everything is suddenly possible. It's all about teasing the curiosity of the audience by presenting something out of the ordinary - but set in a relatable environment.

This doesn't rule out comedic elements, as long as the story, at its core is meaningful in relation to the message or the theme of the spot. Films like Birdman or Parasite are both great examples of well crafted and out of the ordinary films with comedic and poetic elements that tell extraordinary stories about real people in real surroundings. 


Below are some of the commercial directors working in this field

that I would love to stand next to :)

Spike Jonze, Megaforce, Frank Budgen, Sam Brown, Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer, Martin De Thurah, Bjoern Ruehmann, Steve Rogers, Kim Gehrig, Sebastian Strasser, Daniel Wolfe, Oscar Hudson.


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